AR Characters and Update

Update: Just keeping everyone updated on some new characters that we are adding as ranking and level characters to our XRPL play to earn platform. We are excited that companies like FB are paying attention to the virtual reality space. IGC (In Game Credit) are heavily invested in bridging the gap between player and real world activities. We do this through taking traditional best in class games like treasure hunts, hide and go seek and digital real-estate. Presenting some of the cool AR that is going straight into the game. We have thousands signed up for the beta and are rolling out in controlled phases.  We are also proposing NFT and opensource interoperability for our XRPL platform. Stay tuned for more updates to come. 


  • Exciting global treasure hunt where real prizes are inserted by business and players. Dynamic ready to go metaverse platform
  • Selfie hide and seek enabling player identity integration into the platform. Takes traditional games and makes it digital.
  • Virtual Real-estate where players can claim, buy, sell and lease positions that they have claimed.
  • AR fun bonus and character levels from flying helicopters to challenge levels. 
  • Bridging payment solutions. Vision is Play, Earn, Spend with a full ecosystem for IGC (In Game Credit) utility. 
  • Still to come city and country launches, major partnerships, exchanges and app store listings, nft and opensource development.  

XRPL metaverse token

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