XRP Treasure Hunt

Welcome to another exciting week of developments from the IGC team. As committed we provide an insight into what we have been up to during the week. In this format we aim to be as transparent as possible as we move towards our goal of having IGC (In Game Credit) being a universal gaming token. Our mission is to create the platform to facilitate the ecosystem for gaming, marketing, loyalty, payments and connect players, business, partners together through the XRPL. We kickstart the games with our pilot game iHunt4 (An XRP Treasure Hunt).

  • The team have been integrating a level systems into ihunt4 with special character boss levels.
  • We are up to beta version 82 so have progressed a long way. We have slowed down handing out to more testers as we are confident in the stability of the system. Internally we are testing out the wallet integrations where we want to make sure the integration is water tight. Testing for Xumm continues. Thank you for your patience, as it is important we get this right.
  • Implementing a fraud logic system with automatic trigger releases enabled.  
  •  Hide and go seek augmented reality APP. We have made the decision to implant inside iHunt4 and have as a stand alone game which includes IGC tokens. This goes towards our multiple game vision and universal token. 
  • Continued discussions on Telegram with exchanges and have the relevant information for them.
  • IGC dev team developing a plugin for other games and developers to insert IGC into 3rd party games easily and quickly. 
  • In discussions to acquire other games to integrate IGC plugin.
  • Trustline total 7222, discord 833
  • Whale chart in design production should be ready by next week after revisions
  • We have the website In Game Credit the page is in construction however is looking very cool
  • Apple: Spoke to Apple kind of cool that they have real people in their developer program. We were accepted as a company into the developer program. Will move over some betas to new test flight platform for betas. 
  • IGC team are hiring another developer to join our team to keep up with the roadmap.
  • Successful testing of electronic gift card distribution
  • IGC will be making a kid friendly version this will align perfectly for our “Hotels and Resorts” strategy and campaign.

Be part of the IGC (In Game Credit) on XRPL journey by chatting with our community on discord. Beta requests are still being taken for later releases however are slow as we prepare for public releases. IGC can be obtained on the DEX either XRPtoolkit.com or Sologenics. 

XRP treasure hunt
Casino Coin Treasure Hunt

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