What is XLS 20 D? “The XLS-20 standard for NFTs has a preliminary implementation that can be used in test networks, but is not yet available as an amendment to the XRP Ledger protocol. An amendment may be included in a future XRP Ledger release.” * Source XRPL.org

What is IGC building on the XLS 20 D?  As many are aware IGC have been fortunate enough to receive the Ripple grant. The purpose of this grant is to further extend our technology stack to include NFTs by location. To do this on the XRPL we have researched and are building NFT features into our back and front end utilizing the new XLS 20 D standard. Primary functions will include minting, transferring, publishing in app. 

How long until XLS 20 D is launched live? This week David Schwartz (Ripple CTO) mentioned that the beta is live and has been since Jan 2022, however the live standard may not be for a couple of months. David mentioned it would be a process of making sure the transition goes smoothly. 

If you are interested in being part of the IGC XLS 20 D launch and testing out the NFT process please let our team know below

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What are XLS 20 D NFTs? non-fungible tokens are a way of registering a one-of-a-kind image, video, or any form of digital, or indeed, physical item on the XLS 20 D blockchain standard.

Crypto Gaming company IGC building NFTs to the XLS 20 D standards (IGC XLS 20 D)


Gaming company and XRPL token IGC (In Game Credit) is working behind the scenes to implement the new XRPL standard for NFTs called XLS 20 D. This new standard is currently in beta format for developers to implement and test the new standards released by XRPL.org. 

IGC already combines many exciting features ranging from metaverse, treasure hunts, retail connection tools, augmented reality and more. The new addition to the IGC technology stack will further increase the power of the platform and its capabilities. 

The team at IGC have recently been awarded a special grant from the XRPL ripple team. This grant is being used to implement the XLS 20 D functionality into the already advanced platform. 

IGC has been active recently at premier technology and retail trade show exhibitions throughout the United States. The success from the shows demonstrates a demand for entry level metaverse and cryptocurrency products.

What is XLS 20 D? “The XLS-20 standard for NFTs has a preliminary implementation that can be used in test networks, but is not yet available as an amendment to the XRP Ledger protocol. An amendment may be included in a future XRP Ledger release.” * Source XRPL.org

“We are excited to be building to the new XLS 20 D standards, in doing so we believe the XRPL will thrive. Until now many of the NFTs are created on the Ethereum network which attract high gas fees. Having an XRPL alternative is an exciting step forward.” mentioned Simon Church, IGC CEO.  

IGC will initially be offering the service to select registered participants and rolling out the technology as the new XLS 20 D standards go live. Recent comments from David Schwartz (CTO Ripple) mentioned the rollout of XLS 20 D will be gradual over the coming months to ensure a smooth entry for the new standards. 

The token IGC, also known as  In Game Credit, is a universal gaming token powered by the XRPL. The token is available for trade in two locations: XRPtoolkit.com and also the Sologenic dex. The IGC platform enables retailers to connect to players through a series of fun augmented reality games. Location- based technology enables retailers to offer promotions to players for reaching certain real-life locations. This in turn helps to improve retailer foot traffic and branding while at the same time providing a fun and innovative solution to the players. 

To trade IGC on the XRPToolkit we recommend utilising the XUMM wallet and setting the trustline noted on the iHunt4 website. 

Retailers have the ability to enter their own Augmented reality for example a logo or a product or simply a fun character to be discovered by the potential new customer. Combined with cryptocurrency the IGC has made entry level access to the metaverse fun. 

To learn more about the IGC platform be sure to follow the regular blogs at iHunt4 and for regular communication and to chat with the community be sure to say hello at the discord channel mentioned at iHunt4.com

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