Pleased to be able to provide a progress update on IGC development work. We have been progressing on meeting our objectives and targets. Like clockwork our development team led by Ammad has delivered its first XLS 20 D milestone. There are a series of milestones our team is adhering to. These goals are internal however are inline with what we have committed to the XRPL Ripple labs team. 

Some of the below summary may seam a bit techy however the headline message is “our crew continue to develop on and meet targets”

 Below is a high level summary: 

  • Scope, assignment for agile development
  • NFT backend Layout done
  • NFT backend Sidebar done
  • NFT backend AppBar done
  • NFT Icons done
  • XLS 20 D Routing done
  • Responsive done
  • XLS 20 D NFT Marketplace Layout done
  • XLS 20 D NFT Arc Layout stage 1
  • Conversion of UI/UX designs
  • Preparation to merge with iHunt4 IGC platform
  • Development peer code reviewed and approved

We thank all of our beta testers who are currently testing out version 97 of the iHunt4 IGC application. We will increase the releases as we build the NFT solution in parallel. 

Back to XLS 20 D NFT’s

IGC have been building tester XLS 20 D designs to use as “Guinea pig NFTs” for testing. We plan to use for testing and competitions. Bosco testers below (Demos only)

Our ideal NFT’s will be retail focussed and targeting retailers. Example NFT in coupon or promotional format. However to get us started and to test the new standards Bosco will be our Guinea elephant. 

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