IGC – XRPL token 

Another exciting weekly update for our HODLrs. This week we have been developing the exciting project as listed below. 

View our weekly progress report below

Where to buy:

The best place to get IGC is only available on xrptoolkit.com, xumm and sologentics. In discussions with large players.  You can view the videos on you tube on how to buy IGC on xrptoolkit.com

Fully funded! Ready to go! We have in place a funding agreement to support the project. 

Our weekly report is to show our hodlrs our progress and real utility. 

IGC (In Game Credit) are here to build a long term project and we expect to be held accountable for our development work and progress. To be held accountable and to shine above the rest of these terrible coins we release a weekly update. The headline message is we are committed to producing results:

If your new to this… This is an Augmented reality treasure hunt system where real prizes are dynamically set into the IGC marketing platform. Business can dynamically set prizes at locations. NFTs can be won, IGC can be won and spent, XRP can be found. Its a giant treasure hunt. Join the discord and  be the first on this journey. This is not just a game! its a payment marketing ecosystem with crypto on the XRPL.

Here is our weekly….

Here is what we have been up to this week!

  • Hiring additional back end developers for scale
  • Negotiations with POS and payment companies
  • Cloud migration for tech stack (Scalability)
  • Designs ready in google formats for the banner display advertising 
  • Collaboration with cBot for “stream project”
  • Collaboration with Bigjcat for “Coin Dropper project”
  • Whale chart draft
  • Released the push up monkey into the wild. 
  • Talking with exchanges and dex’s. In discussions with DEX for promotional activities
  • More hiring for back end development. Job posted and interviewing
  • Over 6500+ trustlines (Xumm community attached)
  • Started a subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/InGameCredit as another channel outlet to post the weekly updates to
  • Development in progress for selfie to avatar 
  • Organised google advertising campaign. Working with the developers for in game advertising. See the banners in this post !!! looking good!
  • First exercise XRPL token ….LOL just kidding check it out below!
Our goals remain:
  1. Create a universal game token (IGC) In Game Credit
  2. Multiple games
  3. Integrate with multiple wallets
  4. Integrate with multiple partnerships
  5. Provide real prizes and benefits
  6. Accept payments in APP!!!!
  7. Create a loyalty system for holders and for players and retailer.
  8. Create a payments network
  9. Create “Hide and seek” game selfie to avatar
  10. Create an ecosystem for player and business. Form business partnerships within the XRPL ecosystem. 


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