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Exciting announcement 

“IGC Gaming Token Now Integrates Into Woocommerce For Players to Spend”

The team at IGC (In Game Credit XRPL) are pleased to announce the successful live market price integration into everyday retail payment gateway of Woocommerce. The successful live data means any vendors can add IGC into their payment gateway options turnkey. A unique plugin will be released to enable vendor addition. As IGC prepares the rocket for launch this will become an important step where players can actually spend their IGC tokens.

The important progress creates further utility value for the IGC token. For the past three months IGC have been working with data providers to pull in the live price data into the payment gateway as an option. IGC (In Game Credit) can now be spent online at any merchant with Woocommerce who wants to accept them for goods and services.

IGC’s mission is to connect players, business and XRPL to everyday retailers. The team at IGC are pleased to report our successful technology progress with our minimal viable product. Further testing and development is to continue, IGC have now completed our MVP minimum viable product for the live price data collection and feed into the payment gateway function. A demonstration of the live marketplace is available on the company’s youtube channel. The next step will be to further beta test and polish the UX flow to enable a smooth process flow.

“We believe IGC is now one of the first XRPL tokens to be ready and out of the box in payment gateways. With the obvious exception of XRP itself we see this as an exciting step for our XRPL ecosystem development.”

Watch the IGC live price integration below

We saw a challenge that large cryptocurrencies were able to be added to Woocommerce however not emerging unicorns like IGC? Therefore to connect our gamers to a spending marketplace our first step was to produce one of the first XRPL tokens to be turnkey into payment solutions like Woocommerce.”

  • Woocommerce is a widely used ecommerce platform (5+ Million Active Installations *Source WordPress)
  • IGC can now be accepted turnkey by merchants in Woocommerce stores
  • IGC have been able to get the live data from the dex and pull the price data into merchants online stores payment gateway.
  • IGC will work with vendors on easy integration techniques and the internal marketplace.
  • IGC were able to work with a provider that now collects the IGC market data every second and by analyzing this data we are now able pull in the reliable price stats to the marketplace and present IGC as an option within the commerce store.
  • The IGC team believe XRPL tokens that create value for the XRP ecosystem will be the long term success of the platform.

IGC (In Game Credit) is a universal gaming token on the XRP ledger. The team work at producing multiple games including the anticipated global augmented reality treasure hunt game called iHunt4. The aim of the platform and ecosystem is to connect business, players, wallets, payment and loyalty together in an all encompassing system that is easy to use. For further information please see the pilot game which is in beta release at https://iHunt4.com

If that was not big enough! Additional updates include:
  • Ecosystem IGC map design, each design will lead to a new section on the ICG website. 
  • First XRPL to be listed for Woocommerce Approved for payment gateway.  From our understanding its the first XRPL token on woocommerce apart from the Xumm who only have USD and XRP as currencies
  • Organised and sent Press Press release about IGC on coin market state Woocommerce
  • Started multi game module for IGC same functionality as iHunt4 
  • Worked on homepage flow design pages see above
  • Worked on games directory page 
  • Wireframes for trade pages for IGC token
  • Apple Developer Program getting ready for the IOS launch
  • Testing the Xumm integration however worked on showing totals from Xumm in APP. Login and Logout functionality. 
  • Additions to whitepaper of FAQ section about blackhole and token supply
  • Testing of digital gift card / prize distribution methods
  • Worked with gold supply companies for real treasure as prizes. As gold is not easy to distribute cross border. More to come.
  • Continued discussions with other XRPL token issuers for collaboration
  • Youtube video demonstration of IGC working live on the Woocommerce demo store 
  • Successful testing and migration of scalable cloud platform for treasure hunt game.
  • Dex’s and Cex’s: Talking with both Dexs and Cexs for collaboration and listings. There are some easy wins and some slow sales cycle ones. One thing that is exciting is our wallet integration as many of these exchanges have wallets that like tight integration. Since IGC is a tightly integrated utility its appealing. 

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