Greetings from the team at IGC ( In Game Credit). If you have been following our progress on discord you may have seen continuous progress for our exciting project. Listed below are some of the activities we have been doing over the past few weeks. I may have missed some however these are the top of mind to report.

Our development teams priority since the Ripple NFT grant has been to fully scope and build into our enterprise platform the ability to incorporate NFTs (minting, selling, transferring). Our crew is building this functionality for long term use with our vision in mind to ensure this is aimed at both the community and the retailers we are currently dealing with for the existing augmented reality retail connection technology. At all stages of the retail application we are incorporating the IGC token as a utility. The IGC token is to be won, purchased and used throughout the applications. 

Our development crew have finished the designs, scoping, milestone and are well into the development for building NFTs on the new XLS20D protocols. The initial functionality will be on the test-net ready to convert to the live-net when available. Something we cant figure out is why projects are building and selling on the old standards when it clearly will be made redundant. Feel sorry for the buyers. 

With most agile technology builds review and testing is paramount. In anticipation of the IGC NFT XLS20D functionality we thought it would be a good idea to turn our existing funny characters into NFTs by minting them ourselves when testing. This collection we look to run a series of competitions for our IGC community.

As we work with retailers we are usually the consultants to Metaverse, AR and now NFTs. NFTs are a hot topic not from an Ape perspective but from a “How can I use NFTs within our retail business” With this in mind our aim is to simplify the creation process and provide ideas for retailers example coupons, promotions, tickets and redeemables. Adding value to the XRPL and IGC ecosystem. 

To do this we have two designers who are putting together the collection by taking the source files and adding various accessories and backgrounds to the augmented reality characters. We will share the developments as we move forward.

Due to Bosco the elephants popularity we have commissioned 3 new augmented reality characters. These funky spinning, dancing grooving characters we hope will bring a smile to players faces on discovery and double as part of our NFT collection which will help our crew with testing out our new functionality. So we will introduce the newbies below:

Funky Hippo

Fat Piggy With Curly Tail 

Dancing Monkey (Was supposed to be an Ape) IDK

As NFTs use different backgrounds and accessories in the collection we will be trialling Bosco with some outfits. So we decided to put some clothes on Bosco. These are only early prototypes

Housekeeping: Renewed the domain for little but important things. In September we will be celebrating our anniversary on the XRPL following casino coin we were one of the OGs.

Betas: Believe it or not we are up to version 97 of the beta app for the iHunt4 treasure hunt. We are fine tuning the app for speed and making it easier for custom and open source development. Our crew are also working on the NFT functionality which we see as a superior strength to take to the retailers. We are also working with Apple to ensure we comply with all of the required guidelines. In addition we look to have kid friendly versions to publish as an upsell to our mega application. This week we updated a few regulars on the version and we were excited to see some of the updates listed below thanks to Crypto Beast

Our infographics designer has also been putting together some marketing promos to promote our new functionality. Listed below is one of his designs we intend to utilize in our marketing campaigns. 


Our team have been busy working on XLS20D exposure and backlinks from relevant cryptocurrency sites listed below are some of the articles as things heat up. This is for exposure and also important SEO links. 


Bitcoin Money News: IGC and NFTs on XLS 20 D

IGC and iHunt4 were also reviewed by Crypto Prince in the below video. Crypto Prince covered some key FAQ including NFTs and the XRPL treasure hunt

As a wrap up we have two Instagram accounts. One for iHunt4 and one for IGC. A fresh one created today  IGC Insta Account looks lonely at the moment so will be posting regularly to attract some followers. We have not been too interested in Instagram however its a necessary evil. Looking forward to exciting times. 

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