IGC (In Game Credit) had the pleasure of meeting up with the StaykX team at the first XRPL meetup in Brisbane. Following this event we have been researching into the StaykX platform and are amazed at what Shen and the team have built. 


IGC are excited to be listed for voting this week and would love your support to be listed on their amazing platform. There is some stiff competition this week so fingers crossed and hoping the community gets behind IGC so we can share staking rewards with our community. 

One of the most impressive parts of Staking on the StaykX platform is you maintain the $IGC tokens on your Xumm wallet. As always this is not financial advice and do your own research. We will continue to look for great partners and opportunities like StaykX as we grow. Our NFT’s on the XLS 20 D are coming along nicely as we meet our nominated milestones. Stay tuned and have a great day. Simon and the IGC team. The voting link can be found here

*Beta version available and in testing, not on app stores as yet awaiting XLS 20 Build and retail launch. 

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