Infinite Art Auction Treasure Hunt

At iHunt we love supporting local charities and community events. We are holding a mini event launch in Canada supporting the Infinite Art Auction. Here is some really exciting information about the event.

The team invite you to join them at the Inaugural Annual Infinite Expansion Art Auction to support our Art Mentorship Program for At-Risk Youth. 

The Infinite Expansion Foundation was created from our founder’s personal experience of adversity.  The ability to express yourself is fundamental in the development of self-awareness and self-love.  Our goal is to provide youth with the tools, environment, community and mentors with lived experience to facilitate their growth towards their true selves in the face of pressures at home, school and in their lives. Our flagship program is the Art Mentorship Program for at–risk youth. Our vision is to provide a safe space for youth to socialize after school and express through visual art, music, poetry, dance and yoga. 

Infinite Expansion Foundation partnered up with with Luke Eddie Original Artworks and Freda Lombard – Zealous Art to make this event possible! Thank you to our talented artists for your generous donations. 

We appreciate Mayor Valaria VandenBroek Serediak for the two gorgeous photos on canvas and Councillor Rosemary Wallace for her two original pieces.  

The online auction is available August 1st 

Mayor Val van den Broek
Ashley Samborski
Forever Yours Lingerie
Sheeise Griffin
Shannon Irene Laura Brogan-Smythe
Insta @mcburneyscoffee
Insta @ddstruction
Sushi Ami
Jesse Sokol Dena Jones
@zzealousart & Luke Stripp
Lisa Wolfin @lwolfin
Luke Eddie Stripp Art

We invite you to join us in-person to view the pieces

on Saturday, August 21 from 12 to 7 

at Luke Eddie Stripp Art Gallery 

20435 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC

About Infinite Expansion Foundation


The teams vision is to create a safe space free from judgment and provide the necessary tools to allow kids to find their own method of self-expression. Our team of intellectuals, artisans, and mentors (who have followed the “wrong path”, learned their lessons, and are now living their dream lives) share their knowledge to inspire youth to find their true expression through healthy activities and hobbies to redirect addictive, and destructive behaviors.

“I feel that embracing not only art, but the liberal arts is fundamental in helping people understand the beauty in not only the world around them, but also their purpose in this universe. After learning to express myself only then did I finally get to know myself, and love myself for whom I am. The quest of expression to see the beauty in myself has led me to see the beauty in nature and also other individuals. Through self-expression I have learned to respect other people’s opinions and beliefs.” Augustino Duminuco.   


· Prevent addiction, crime and violence through connection, self-expression, and inspiration.

· Provide a safe space that inspires connection with peers and mentors.

· Positive role models equip our participants with tools to realize their dreams.

12pm Public viewing

6pm Reception 

Online bidding starts August 1st

All proceeds from the auction will fund the Arts Program for at-risk youth. Thank you for your support 

Learn more about the program here:

For updates, news and to connect with other community members please join our Facebook Group:

If you would like to donate art or become a sponsor, please contact Infinite Expansion Foundation or 604-446-2444.

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