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Our team are working closely with innovative cities across the world by tailoring fun business AR treasure hunts to their small, medium and business community. There is no charge to business to participate and we promote your city on a global stage. We work with business chambers, mayor’s office and sme associations on targeted retailer treasure hunts. 

  • Mayors Offices
  • Smart Tourism boards
  • SME – Business Associations
  • Business Chambers
  • City Offices looking to help local business


What other cities are going live? We are working closely with several cities in the United States, Canada and Australia. We are looking to leverage the media coverage for these smart cities. 

My city is not in US, CA, AU can we participate? Yes absolutely, we are performing a global rollout to help with post Covid economic recovery.

What is the cost to my city and retailers?  There is no charge as we want to onboard as many retailers providing promotions as possible. 

Is it easy for our members to place prizes? Yes we designed the platform for simple ease of use. No training is required.

What’s the process? We organise a brief zoom call to showcase the front and back end system.  We find out your goals objectives and ideas. We then work together with your team on the structured roll out. 

How does the city treasure hunt work?  We generate prizes all throughout the city. This is combined with real prizes and promotions provided by your local businesses. Prizes are collected when players go to the designated location. If your city wishes you can add city prizes to the hunt to generate more excitement and activate economic activity. 

Can my retailers have their own AR (Augmented Reality) for branding etc? Yes we can organise, however we will need to work with them to set up. 

What sort of promotions can my city retailers offer? Retailers can set promotions to whatever they like. An example might be “Free starter with every main meal” or “10% off” or “Physical Prizes” our platform is enabled to collect delivery information of winners. Gift cards are another popular option, it depends on the retailer however we have a QR code claiming system implemented for prize distribution. 


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