Download the latest iPhone scavenger hunt game

It doesn’t matter if your an Android or an iPhone user be sure to check out iHunt4 the awesome scavenger hunt game for iPhone and Android. The latest version of the game includes ready made treasure hunts and cutting edge virtual treasure hunts to impress even the hardest critic. A scavenger hunt game is a great team building activity that can be played by young and old. Check out the virtual scavenger game online.

Reasons to try the iHunt game include:

  1. Real promotions to be won
  2. Anyone including players can set the rewards and the locations
  3. Be the first to discover it with your friends
  4. Build a network of challengers 
  5. Place treasures anywhere 
  6. Great for indoors, even better for outdoors 
  7. Great for kids
  8. Set your own clues
  9. Run your own iPhone scavenger hunt
  10. Set treasures around the world

Create your own adventures with our dynamic iPhone game

Built for global access the iHunt iphone game is perfect for setting up a free treasure or scavenger hunt in only minutes. Used all over the world the iHunt platform is sure to impress your friends as they take part in the exciting challenges and clues available.  View our treasure hunt download page

How much is the latest iPhone scavenger hunt game? 

Nothing! just download the app, set your clues, set your locations, name your surprizes and pick your 3d treasures for your friends to find. The iHunt iPhone treasure hunt game is also great for team building and corporate adventures. 

Scavenger Hunt Games iPhone

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