Smart City Treasure Hunts

Our usual weekly update is sitting patiently as we finalize a few items! Pls stay tuned as @Zerpenator works his magic.

Top of mind for many cities is how to help and assist businesses in a post covid environment. The IGC platform is an innovative  solution that connects new customer foot traffic to the business store location in real time. 

Smart Cities: Talk to our team about our smart cities campaign to engage with cities around the world. Smart cities Treasure hunt page

Benefits include:

  • Free entry point advertising platform on the metaverse
  • Be seen as the one who found iHunt and made it happen!
  • Tools and insights for any sized retailers
  • Dynamic integration to increase foot traffic
  • Promotions distribution dashboard and QR code system for prize winners.
  • Retailers can offer multiple prize types
  • Retailers can offer own metaverse branding for company and products.
  • Benefit from major global partnerships announced in 2022

Metaverse Treasure Hunt Software

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