Partnerships and Collaborations

Our projects connects the metaverse, retailers, business, players and partners together for win win scenarios. To provide real tangible prizes such as gift cards, cryptos, real products, discounts and promotions we run campaigns and roadshows where we are in front of customers of all shapes and sizes. The united states kicks off the business year with two primary well known events in the sector. The first international event to kickstart technology insights is the CES show. We are excited CES 2022 will once again be the world’s largest gathering place for technology. The second event is the largest retailer convention we believe in the world the National Retailer Federation show, its literally called “The big show”. Since the announcement this and the videos we have started to receive enquiries for meetings and have been busy getting ready our marketing materials ready specific to the show audiences. 

We are not new to these two ecosystems and have established business relationships within this industry sector. Our objective will be to fill the hunt full of sme to multinational company rewards to be entered into our applications while at the same time meeting with partners for demonstrations.  

Big shout out to XRP Beast who regularly posts updates on his you tube channel. 

Great to have you on the discord channel as well. Thank you from the IGC team. Go check out XRP beasts channel here! 

“I’m excited, to see what the future holds for us all and thank you for your contribution to the crypto community and tech industry as a whole🔥🔥🔥” XRP Beast

Our IGC platform is a dynamic interface that enables retailers to publish metaverse and augmented reality branding, logos, characters and products into real world locations. We join the metaverse together with a traditional suite of games and plugins for developers all powered by the XRPL. 

Use case and real world applications

We continue to be amazed by different use cases that are applicable to the IGC project. Our mission is to connect metaverse with real world activities, traditional games and augmented reality. This week we have been approached for some more fun novel concepts which we will announce in the near future.

We have plans in place with governments, councils, retailers, associations to light the fuse for our mega applications. 

Here are a couple of examples:

Governments post covid are searching for innovative ways to reignite business that and specific regions that have been impacted by the virus. We offer a fantastic solution to generate new business activity at targeted locations. 

Schools just for fun we have the altitude, longitude latitude positioning for over 1 million schools which will be loaded into our dynamic system. We also will partner with colleges and schools to engage with the platform

Apologies for bombarding everyone with such shiny little info graphs however there is a purpose to creating these designs. We utilise the 3d gold imagery through different channels such as our company deck, both the IGC website and iHunt4 website. We also use the imagery for brochures and e-mailable formats for our marketing campaigns. 

IGC metaverse token with retail application

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