In Game Credit

Hello and welcome to another IGC update. Shout out to Zerpenator for the above video another great surprise. Love the coins flying through with an AR chopper would be terrific (FYI Ammad’s team). Pirate theme looking very slick. Thank you for taking the time to put this together it is very much appreciated. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This week we have been busy with:

  • US military niche (Exciting IGC reseller alliance)
  • Live retailer demos
  • Platform development
  • Partnership zooms
  • New holder presentations
  • Roadshow collateral
  • Explainer video plotting
  • Discord awards
  • Whitepaper updates
  • Trade show organisation
  • Exchange discussions and monitoring other token success
Listing some of the activities below:

USA Military Veterans retailer and player alliance

IGC are working closely on an alliance, rollout strategy and coordinated approach together. More to come on this as we are at an early stage. Together we have a plan to bring a large amount of retailers and players to the platform. 

Welcome new IGC holders from the Sydney and Irish finance world

Welcome to the Irish crew! “Up Munster” for all the rugby lovers. Thank you for spreading the word throughout your network. We will be publishing another updated snapshot IGC deck in the next week. 

This last few weeks we have added some exciting IGC holders. It’s great to have you all onboard at the ground level of this project. Matt thanks for taking the time to train up the network on the XRPL. 

Partner Roadshow

All booked! 1 month on the road for retail, tech and strategic partnerships Set for both west and east coast United States. Currently booked for four cities (LAX, SF, LAS, NYC) looking to extend for the right opportunities. 

Discord awards

Something new fun and inventive is our IGC discord awards. We have a dedicated page ready for  nominations. What we don’t want to do is miss out on anyone as we have so many supporters across different channels. We would like to capture active community contributors. There are lots on twitter as well we would like to capture so nominations are open and suggestions welcomed. Will publish what we have put together so far however beg for forgiveness if we forget someone.

Dcent Wallet

As an FYI to community

It is interesting to see that Dcent wallet is now starting to support XRPL trustlines. We have sent a note off to Dcent to be on the radar. Its also another 3rd party wallet on our own radar for app integration to distribute to our treasure hunt winners.

One thing we are extremely  aware of is that we will be introducing large quantities of new to crypto people to the XRPL ecosystem and wallets so its important we have everything in place. 

Updated Whitepaper 

We have been making upgrades to the whitepaper and preparing roadshow collateral to highlight our advanced features. We will be continuing to build upon this as we have a great story to tell. 

Hotel and Vertical Specific Collateral 

In response to a large resort who contacted our team about a white label treasure hunt. This is another meeting scheduled for Vegas.  The Hotel and resort can utilise our platform for guest services by providing activities and rewards providing a reason to choose their resort over a competitor. 

Retailer live demonstrations

Our platform connects metaverse, players and business together. This week we ventured out to meet with some of our retailers and what we found is they are amazed with how advanced and how market ready our platform is. 

We began by showcasing the backend platform and then asked the retailers to enter a few promotions.

The retailer found it easy to dynamically enter a promotion outside the warehouse. We like to keep the process simple (KISS) so entering in a promotion is super easy. Like clockwork the augmented reality promotions were outside. We talked shipping and distribution and how to ship internationally and found some ways we can fine tune the process as we look to process large quantities. We have a short video below, we will do a proper follow up video where we interview the retailer and do testimonials closer to the mega launches. 

To summarise the retailers are excited about the ease of use, how the promotions were right where they placed them and the detail of the ar. Funny enough…. the one they liked was the detail in the treasure chest. 

Anyways, you know the demonstration was a success when the retailer wants to invest in the project. We will do a proper sit down testimonial and press release for this retailer shortly.

IGC - In Game Credit Metaverse Token

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