IGC (In Game Credit) Update

IGC (In Game Credit) is an XRPL token playing in the Metaverse space. We take traditional games people love and create Augmented reality adventures around them. We are a universal games token with flagship games such as treasure hunt, hide and seek and digital real-estate. Big shout out to Zerpenator for his time and effort putting together the funny video.

IGC Metaverse token

IGC Metaverse Token on XRPL

Hunt treasure
iHunt team

Happy new year

Happy New Year to all! We took a small pause over the break and we are now increasing the pace to have a successful 2023.

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iHunt team

Apex dev summit

Met and collaborated with many amazing XRPL folks at the APEX developer summit. So excited to be on the XRPL for its speed and distribution.

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