AR crypto treasure hunt game

Ar treasure hunt game

Over the past few weeks we have been integrating levels or ranking into the iHunt AR treasure hunt game. These special characters need to be found by the player to pass to the next level. Some of the characters will lead you to a challenge or bonus round. In this weeks update we wanted to show you some of the designs we have been working on including a hovering lady bug, gold and silver keys for door systems, dynamite and magic spell books. 

AR Dynamite Level

AR Flying Gold Key

Hide and Seek AR Game

The AR hide and seek game is being polished and is working smoothly. We combine our treasure hunt technology and coordinate system to enable one player to hide a selfie for other players to find.  While playing the users have the ability to earn and spend IGC tokens. This will also be a stand alone AR game.

AR Helicopter Game

This week our team produced the first beta for our crew to test the controls for flight. Our main objective is that a 5 year old will be able make the chopper fly, collect IGC, shoot RPG and players can spend IGC on either firepower or on changing models. Potential for IGC for aeroplane, ufo, balloon and super hero characters spend IGC for upgrades. 

If you have not signed up yet for the beta. Please help with the below form. We are up to version 86 of the beta program and are rolling out the betas by county and phone type. We have thousands registered ready to play the AR cryptocurrency treasure hunt game. If you have signed up please be patient as we get through our phased release by country and phone.

Fill out my online form.

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