Is there an APP for treasure hunting?

In 2021 a company called iHunt4 developed an amazing treasure hunt app platform to help businesses following the Covid pandemic. Many players were asking is there an APP for treasure hunting? iHunt4 quickly started to build a DIY treasure hunt application making it free for the public and businesses to enjoy. The company developed the application during the pandemic as restrictions were being lifted in certain zones and areas and not others. This left many businesses and customers confused as to what was open and what was not and we saw businesses look for a way to entice new customers to their location. 

What was the need for the treasure hunting APP? iHunt4 recognised that many businesses were looking for low cost ways to market and to educate new customers of their organizations brand. Of course there are your typical boring old ways to advertise such as banner advertising or traditional ways of “having a sale”. After talking to local business owners iHunt4 realised that there has to be a more innovative low cost way for companies to drum up business. Businesses were looking for ways to entice and to draw in new and repeat customers. iHunt4 thought what better way to do this than via a treasure hunt APP

iHunt began to think of what types of companies would use an APP for treasure hunting? And discovered a wide range of local and large businesses could benefit from having a scavenger hunt. The types of small businesses include cafes, restaurants, milk bars, corner shops, chicken shops, pizza shops, kebab shops, fast food restaurants. iHunt also saw the need for large hamburger chains, pizza and chinese restaurants that were all looking for ways to increase their market share during and after the pandemic. The pandemic really did take a hit on businesses with many not being able to open, many having limited number restrictions and having staff made unemployed. iHunt saw this as a perfect opportunity to re energize the sector by providing a real treasure hunt for the customers and businesses to participate in. 

When iHunt4 had a look at the alternatives there were a lot of basic APPs for treasure hunting however many of the competition was aimed at corporate team building and had a series of boring clues to places that many people could not go to. iHunt thought why not just let the businesses place their own treasures wherever the business wants to and the iHunt4 treasure hunt was born. 

  1. First of all the team needed to build a platform to make it easy for the businesses to enter where they would like to place the rewards. This needed to be simple for the businesses as most business were time poor and really did not have the time or the skills to put their own treasures there
  2. iHunt treasures set the platform up so that businesses could put in the longitude and latitude of the rewards location
  3. The next step was to set up a QR system for the business to enter in the redemption process
  4. To make it fun and interactive ihunt4 then integrated 3d Augmented reality treasures such as mushrooms, monkeys, coins, diamonds and of course billboards. 
  5. iHunt then made the APP for treasure hunting free so everyone can enjoy it

So the next time that you ask is there an APP for treasure hunting please be sure to download and try out the ihunt4 scavenger app for fun and heaps of rewards to enjoy.  Other cool apps that players enjoy include Pokemon.

Is there an APP for Treasure

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