Setting up an indoor scavenger hunt for kids

Keeping the little ones entertained can always be a challenging feet, that’s why we have invented an indoor scavenger hunt for kids. We try to make things easy, free, user friendly and something that anyone can set up for the kids to enjoy. We equip the grown ups with all the tools required for setting up an easy or a hard scavenger hunt directly aimed for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Indoor scavenger hunt for kids iHUNT4Before you set up an indoor scavenger hunt for kids we highly recommend you test out the app for yourself. Setting up and trialling is really easy and there is no cost to you to either test it out or to set up a proper scavenger hunt for your youngsters. The way our scavenger hunt works is you need to work out where you want to have your hunt. You can set up your hunt either indoors or outdoors. Our technology works off satellites, longitude and latitude this way we can establish the best coordinates to where you have placed your treasure. 

When you set up your indoor scavenger hunt for kids you can nominate both your desired location and you can also set up whatever treasures or rewards you would like to distribute. At iHunt we find many parents have set up scavenger hunts as an activity for birthday parties or events to keep the children busy and entertained. Keeping kids busy and entertained during a birthday party can be half the stress of the party. 


Virtual Treasure Hunt For Indoors (Free) 

Place virtual treasures indoors like this treasure chest, or diamonds, unicorns, coins and dancing monkeys! 

Great for kids and Adults

The best way for setting indoor coordinates for the hunt is to use our APP. This way you can nominate the altitude or level of the treasure. This may come in handy if your house or event location has multiple levels. Once you set your indoor location for your rewards we recommend testing and trialling out the coordinates by pretending you are one of the kids playing the augmented reality game. 

During the setup you can enter clues for your kids to find. You can put your clues as a series to lead them on an adventure from one clue to another. For example you may want to have a starting point by placing your first treasure near the fridge once the players reach the fridge you can then display the second clue and so on and so on until the kids reach the major prize or the end of your activity. 

Now that you have placed your clues and coordinates for your indoor scavenger hunt it is always recommended to test your hunt out to make sure your locations and settings are working smoothly as there would be nothing worse than inventing a cool scavenger hunt and it not working! We hope the parents and kids all enjoy our virtual treasure hunt activity. 

About iHunt4: We developed iHunt as a fun, modern way to have an old fashioned scavenger hunt. We have digitalized the process by enabling parents, business and govt to load up treasures anywhere in the world to be discovered and distributed. Get started by downloading IHUNT

iHunt is a global system starting from our humble beginnings with fl treasure hunt (Florida) and pa treasure hunt Pennsylvania (PA). We are now open world wide. Search the iHunt map for the hidden virtual treasures. 

How to setup indoor scavenger hunts for kids

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