2021 IGC Discord Awards

IGC (In Game Credit) would not be where it is today without the help and support of the community members who contribute in various ways to the project. In 2021 we hunted high and low for the right chain for our platform and project we tested on ERC20 to alarming high gas fees and terrible wallet solutions, we investigated BEP and then landed on the right choice of the XRPL. Not only does it command respect with security, flexibility and speed we were amazed by the strong community support on social platforms like twitter and discord. 

To reward our community Hodlrs and to show how our team think out of the box we will run an annual awards recognition bonus of IGC (In Game Credit) tokens.

Join the team at any time!

It’s never too late to join our friendly community as we are only getting started. Come and say hello to the community and the team who regularly drop by to the channels discord chat


Now I know we would of unintentionally missed some people so we may need a reminder note through a nomination. There’s also lots of folks we need to cover from twitter.  If anyone would like to be removed or things amended just sing out! This is all done in good community fun. 

Rewards will be sent in January, to nominate please complete the below form. It’s not too late to be nominated and start contributing to the discord meaningful, constructive posts. Below are some of the community members on the list and examples of fantastic ways they are helping to support the project. 

Discord Name

Comments and award notes:

XRP address for reward


Constant feedback on discord channel. Videos of Yophope using the beta and collecting rewards. Great twitter reposts and comments to encourage the project. Thank you.

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Original gangster from Hawaii! who closely monitors the projects progress. XRP beast makes great snapshot videos mentioning the updates that we provide for exposure to the xrp community. Continues to post and retweet on twitter and is always showing genuine xrp support throughout the chat with ideas and concepts that we are incorporating into the project. XRP beast has a great you tube channel that covers lots of exciting projects including IGC and Casino coin we recommend subscribing and liking if you have some time.

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The wonderful Bella swiftly comments, engages and provides amazing updates and spreads the word on the projects updates. Constructive feedback, ideas and suggestions from Bella have resulted in exciting development such as the Zombie idea that Bella recommended.

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From the amazing well edited videos we are very fortunate to have his contribution. Zerpenator continues to ask the hard questions behind the scenes and we appreciate the constructive feedback to keep the project inline and on-track.

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We have seen some great contribution and feedback on multiple social channels and would like to say we see you ! and thank you. Reaching out and offering to participate is very much appreciated. We truly thank you for helping out within the community.

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ProkopVocadlo from the very beginning has been asking the hard questions. Starting as an early enquiry ProkopVocadlo has added incredible suggestions that have been added to the roadmap. It really does show that our community members have a say in the project. ProkopVocadlo puts lots of detail into his posts and really spends time to outline his constructive suggestions ranging from NFT’s, opensource, AR components through to sharing some of his ideas on other projects. These conversations add great value to our discord channel.

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Josue is consistently jumping into the discord chat and adding value to the conversation. Josue having you regularly posting and adding comments in the thread keeps us all on our toes.

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Anthony S

Anthony S, we might as well call you lightening as that’s how quickly you jump on new messages while you follow up and tweet the same support. Great to have you as part of the crew and your contribution is very valuable. 

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What can we say, well thank you for running some of the contests to distribute IGC through promotions that was fun and appreciated. Thanks for including IGC in the dripper and creating the IGC rich list. But most of all thanks for being constructive in your own way. Cant believe we havnt banned you yet tho. Just kidding.

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Popping up every now and again to add some good conversation into the mix. 

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Continues to ask a lot of great questions and is always looking to contribute to the XRPL community. Love your constant feedback and looking forward to you hitting up your local seaworld lol.

No please DM


Bully drops in from time to time however we haven’t forgotten his support in September with giving IGC some airtime with his podcast. Respect to Bully as he has achieved amazing results throughout the year supporting various projects.

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ebin Short but sweet we appreciated your comment “Really excited about this project, one of the few new xrpl coins that seem serious and not a scam/meme”

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Don’t see why you cant be part of this. As part of the core leadership team it’s always good to see you drop in and show your visibility.

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Both twitter and discord supporter for many of our progress reports and updates on the project. Thank you Martin it’s great to see you contributing as you have been to the conversations. 

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One of our many eager to start the mission in Japan.

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