Leading treasure hunt software provider “iHunt4” is pleased to announce the partnership with Canadian solutions provider GTH. GTH which runs sophisticated treasure hunts globally is leveraging the iHunt4 white label service for treasure hunts in Canada, India, USA and Australasia region. 

iHunt4’s patented software uses custom built algorithms to enable treasures and rewards to be distributed to any location in the world dynamically into games. Leveraging the turn key white label solution GTH is able to focus on the marketing side of the adventure game. 

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with GTH as we share similar goals and ambitions for creating and running the global treasure hunts” mentioned Simon Church.

iHunt patented technology enables players to search surrounding locations for digital rewards and treasures including cryptocurrency, gift cards, promotional deals and more. The marketing platform enables smooth distribution of prizes to players on a global scale. 

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