IGC (In Game Credit) a Metaverse XRP treasure hunt with NFTs

Lately we have seen an increased interest in both metaverse and NFTs. IGC or In Game Credit have combined the two with a retail treasure hunt called iHunt4. Listed below are some of the common questions asked about IGC and iHunt4:

What is IGC? IGC stands for In Game Credit. It is a play to earn metaverse and NFT token on the XRP ledger. IGC has created an enterprise dashboard and metaverse applications.

How long has the project been around for? The project started 2 years ago in development and listed on the XRP Ledger in September 2021. It is currently listed on two decentralised exchanges 

How many tokens are in supply? There are 60 billion in supply

Is the supply blackholed / capped? Yes the amount is capped

Why is the project exciting? IGC has created a flagship game called iHunt4. iHunt4 is a pokemon go style app where instead of just finding a Japanese character players discover Augmented reality but behind the AR there is a real promotion provided by the retailer.


IGC has recently been awarded a $50,000 grant from Ripple. Ripple is one of the worlds largest blockchain companies. What is the grant for? The grant is for building Retail and community NFTs into the IGC technology stack. Through IGC, NFTs will be able to be created, minted, sold, and transferred on the XRP Ledger. 

How large is the IGC community? The discord channel attracts 1000 people, twitter we have 5000 followers. The best place to communicate with the community is on discord. IGC Discord link It is a free chat server.


What is the future roadmap? 


  • App to be released in cities and countries across the world
  • App to be listed on the APP store
  • Upcoming release of the IGC NFT feature on the new XRPL standards called XLS 20 D
  • Custom client integrations across the globe
  • Release of the enterprise platform to all retailers to place treasures dynamically
  • Open source components
  • Smart city releases
  • Mall, tourism and retail releases

How many in the team? There are 5 in the team from commercial, development and augmented reality designers

About the team? The team is managed by Simon Church, an experienced technology and company builder. Simon has successfully built multiple technology companies and works full time on the project. 

How is IGC marketed to retail? IGC performs regular trade shows in the retail and technology space. Recently IGC was selected as a top retail tech company to change retail by the NRF ( National Retail Federation) in New York.

Where is IGC based? IGC have satellite offices in Sydney, France and Asia

What is the website? The website is iHunt4

Is IGC used just in iHunt4? No IGC is a universal gaming token which will be used across a suite of Augmented reality games from AR real estate, treasure hunting, and hide and seek. 

Where can you buy IGC? IGC is available on XRPToolkit.com and the Sologenics DEX. To purchase IGC you will need a Xumm wallet and set a trustline for IGC (From the website) Then IGC can be exchanged for XRP on the above dex’s. 

How many holders are there? There are currently 1587 *April 22

Where can I find out more information on IGC? More information can be located at iHunt4.com

Is there a whitepaper for the project? Yes there is a whitepaper in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Filipino they can be viewed on the tabs above.

Why did IGC select XRP ledger as the blockchain? IGC selected XRPL due to its speed, security and low cost transaction fees.

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