IGC and NFTs on the XLS 20 D ( Watch this space)

IGC or In Game Credit is a token on the XRPL (The XRP Ledger) the token is a play to earn a token that is tradable, winnable and spendable in game. IGC produces a series of metaverse games which involve augmented reality. The flagship or mega app is called iHunt4 which is a high powered platform that connects retailers promotions to new customers through location based augmented reality. The game is in the form of a treasure hunt where players can receive promotions and rewards for discovering characters in the real world through their devices. 

In 2022 the IGC team demonstrated the power of the application to retailers at trade shows throughout the US and South America. Throughout the shows it was evident that the retailers were excited about the platform and the technology. More recently the team went through a due diligence process from enterprise blockchain company Ripple and the Ripple labs team to qualify for the Ripple grant. IGC was successful in receiving the grant. The proposal to Ripple involved location based NFTs based on the new protocol XLS 20 D. The IGC team has decided to incorporate these XLS 20 D features into our technology stack.

With NFTs gaining so much popularity the IGC point of difference we are aiming for is ease of use, location based if desired NFT creation on the XRP ledger utilising the latest XLS 20 D standards. Many NFTs have been created on the Ethereum network however the disadvantage is the high fees associated with simple functionality. Through the XLS 20 D standards IGC aims to reduce some of these pain points.

IGC (In Game Credit) the token is available to trade via the XRPToolkit and also the Sologenics decentralised exchanges. To trade the token a trustline must be set up. IGC recommends the XUMM wallet to hold the IGC tokens and set the trustline. The trustline can be set through the link on the iHunt4 website.

IGC has a supportive community base with frequent discussions occurring on the discord channel. The beta application has been distributed and tested with members of the community. The next release is expected to includeIGC’s beta NFT XLS 20 D functionality. 

IGC have built an enterprise dashboard for reporting, cms, placing augmented reality characters and promotions by location and in production the XLS 20 D functionality, The team decided to build on the XRPL in September 2021 due to the speed, security and low cost transaction for distribution. These are all key elements for a successful gaming token.

XLS 20 D is currently only available on the test network, however according to Ripple CTO the live standards will be gradually rolled out during the year. IGC looks forward to working with the XRPL community to beta test the new XLS functionality as it goes live. For more information on iHunt4 and the IGC (In Game Credit) token please visit the website at https://iHunt4.com for the latest news and updates. 

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