Looking for an APP where you can Hunt treasure for free?

In the past treasure hunts were a very manual process however now there are apps that modernise the game such as Location Reward. This app has instructions and treasure hunt clues on where the prizes may be hidden. Treasure hunt game instructions can be found on the website or on the application itself. Arrows and clues are the fastest and easiest way to track down the next location. The app is super easy to download from the website and activate your location based game.

Hunting for treasure is fun for everyone!

Treasure hunt game examples include for birthday parties, schools, Christmas, Easter hunt or just simply playing against your friends. Competing with friends is super easy and iHunt4 has a leader board or scoreboard to keep track of points scored during the game duration. 

Augmented reality treasure hunt

iHunt4 enables you to hunt treasure! Are you searching for a virtual treasure hunt? One with real prizes and virtual characters to collect along the way? Did you know that iHunt4 is a Treasure hunt game virtual.

Discover hidden gems, diamonds, coins, prizes gift cards and more as you search your location virtually. We use the latest virtual reality technology to bring to you a fun and exciting game. Our mission at iHunt4 is to join together players with marketing companies who are looking to promote their company and brand. Our specialized dashboard helps business to select the prizes they would like to give to the players. Our specialized software then puts in our 3d virtual reality software for treasure hunts then inserts the prize into the game section ready for redemption. We are providing a global platform to kickstart businesses and economies by placing prizes in strategic locations. The game is free to play online and only takes a second to download and start searching your exact location for the hidden treasures.

Hunt treasures at home or basically anywhere

Treasures are hidden everywhere enabling you to hunt treasure at home, school or work. Designed to be fun, free and simple to use the virtual treasure hunt game is a great way to have an enjoyable treasure hunt with your mates. Collect a range of new characters ranging from treasure chests to diamonds to actual placed products. 

Our team at ihunt4 have created a virtual treasure hunt game for your mobile phone. It’s easy to play and compete against your friends and family. As a marketing platform we work with companies to provide the rewards via our unique platform. Follow us on Twitter 

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