How to buy and sell IGC (In Game Credit) on

IGC or In Game Credit is on the XRPL therefore it is possible to exchange XRP for IGC via many tools including the XRP tool kit. To help out our community members we have created the above tool to help show how to connect a Xumm wallet to the toolkit and then change the quote to IGC. This way you will be able to see past trades and the orderbook for IGC. 

There are a few things you will need before you try out XRPtoolkit. The first thing is a wallet. Many of our users have the Xumm wallet that is downloaded from both the App stores. Once you have the Xumm wallet in the above video we demonstrate how to login with your wallet and access the trade section. From the trade section users can change the pair quote to “IGC” this will show you the orderbook and the recent trades for IGC. 

Things you will need include:

  • A Xumm Wallet (is available on the play and ios store)
  • Some XRP in your wallet
  • Set your trustline for IGC 
  • Login to XRPtoolkit with the above instructions
  • Visit the “Trade” section
  • Change the down arrow then the quote to “IGC”
  • View the orderbook and past trade performance

IGC (In Game Credit) is the native token of the treasure hunt platform. 

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