How do you make a virtual treasure hunt?

Looking for something out of the ordinary to impress your group and have decided to create your own virtual treasure hunt? We may have the answer to all of your problems and would love you to utilize our app to impress your friends. We want to make it as user friendly as possible to set up a virtual hunt so here are the steps to getting started. Our treasure hunts are based on locations, coordinates and clues. You can either set the scavenger hunt up remotely or go to the location to set your coordinates for the treasures. 

Steps on how to make a virtual treasure hunt:

  1. Sign up for a free account on our website Ihunt4 or download our virtual treasure hunt app. 
  2. You can either go to the exact location and use the APP to set the coordinates, you can use the website dashboard to set where the treasures are to go or you can use the dashboard to upload a bulk csv file for a global hunt. 
  3. When you come to setting and placing the prizes you can enter clues for each of the designated spots. 
  4. If you are a business and you would like to enter in a promotion or a reward you can enter in the specifics of what your player is to win.
  5. Within iHunt4 you can enable the prizes so you can set how many prizes are to be claimed. So just say you would like to give away 10 free coffees. You can enter 10 and the system will count them down as they are redeemed. 
  6. Once you have setup your treasure spots and clues we recommend testing out by downloading the app and pretending you are a player.
  7. Promote your treasure hunt through the QR code we generate for each treasure hunt
  8. Use the website dashboard to view what players dynamically have won your treasures. 
  9. Socialize your clues and starting points for your players 
  10. Enjoy and have fun making your virtual treasure hunt

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