Happy New Year to all!

We took a small pause over the break and we are now increasing the pace to have a successful 2023.

Just brainstorming some of the things going on at the moment. We are most excited about ramping up the retailer onboarding, pilots and then the distribution process which is outlined below;

Winning distribution lodgement (Backend)- This is how our customer service team review the winning IGC and with a few simple clicks the IGC will to be deployed in production. We are now in testing mode where we are refining the flows . Following this we will increase the pilots to perform stress testing. 

Retailer Onboarding
In late December we tried a new onboarding strategy which has been extremely successful. This strategy is to onboard SME retailers onto the platform. It is exciting as it involves thousands of retailers, the sales cycle is extremely short and onboarding success rate is high. Example we were able to onboard 26 retailers within 24 hours in the last week of December which is their peak week. We paused the strategy as we are assuming a higher success rate once the busy retailer season settles down. Interesting selection of cosmetics, toys, pets, gaming, clothing, handbags, flowers, coffee. Some naughty ones like adult, vape so now my browser is targeting me lol (Sure).

The main point of difference is we are dealing with the direct decision makers in retail companies through a centralised channel. There is some minor technical work to be completed which has been scoped and will be deployed to our APPs wallet shortly. At the same time we have our large enterprise companies engaged with continued meetings for campaigns this year.

Channels / Digital Agencies

We are engaged with strategic agencies who we are partnering with for larger campaigns. 


One of our largest IGC whales is looking to become more engaged with expanding our European operation. We are currently in discussions to work out a win win partnership.

Payment with IGC/ XRPL IOUs
We have our prototype gateway working to test out where players can utilise IGC to purchase items, however this week we reached out to the Xumm crew who are awexumm and have mentioned potentially something in the works later on based on resources. 

AR designs
We have a few AR designers now however one is able designer is able to push out a few designs a week with rigging and animation. This enables us to have a good pool to offer the retailers customized AR at a bulk rate to be able to place within the hunt. You may have seen some of the new ones like gingerbread man, bee, turtle recently.

APP and character loading
To be able to help out our developer team we have another developer who is assisting with smaller changes and AR uploading. His first mission is to load up 10 new ones into the system which should be loaded shortly. Following this we have scheduled some other wallet adjustments eg: The latest won in wallet is upside down.

Backend dev ops
We have a new (Not too new Oct 22) dev ops developer helping out with scalability, security and deployment. This has enabled our other core developers to focus on their milestones.


Thankfully Apple has improved their TestFlight onboarding process which has enabled faster player onboarding. With this in mind we look to ramp up the pilots so we can test out the scalability. Some minor bugs in the prize tracker on IOS which we are aware of and are implementing a fix. 

Overall, we look to increase the new retailer strategy mid to late Jan when retailers have recovered from the festive season. By this time we should have implemented the technical side to onboard them and fully tested the distribution process. Still pending is the completion of the Real-Estate and NFT by location as we focus on the above with resources a few roadblocks however the timing has helped view other projects to see all the requirements we may have missed. Ideally also looking forward to market sentiment improving from luna and ftx and of course the ripple case to all come together at the right time.

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