Crypto treasure hunt with augmented reality

Hello crypto treasure hunters. As many of you are aware we used to post a weekly status update on events behind the scenes letting everybody know what was going on.  

We will be starting this again as we gear up and expand the project and the followers. In 2023 we have been regularly posting and updating the apps status. This was part of our new years resolution where we saw 2022 suck from a market perspective with Luna, FTX, delayed court case and a general market sentiment. 

So to kick things off here are a few highlights to share: 

Loyalty program

After a successful 22 program we saw many of our early adopters take up the challenge to hold their IGC. This was a fun and generous way to reward our supporters in the community. We have reinitiated the program and registrations are open until the end of this month. So far we have seen heaps of registrations and it looks like it will be a very successful program once again. 

New characters for the level system: We have been working with a number of designers and have had some great success with detail, speed, animation. We now have a great team of animators that can create a wide range of augmented reality for our program. This includes our custom made ar for retail brands. 

We have created a special section of the app called Discount Corner. This is a place where retailers, brands, influencers can place affiliate links in with a special promotion to the players. This is another way we are matching retailers with players. We also reward the players with $IGC when they visit the flash sale sites. 

We are adding bundles of IGC to the application where new users can purchase IGC (In Game Credits) to be used in the app they will be available to use, withdraw to Xumm, Send to other IGC games, Send it to a DEX. A great way to insert utility into the IGC tokens. Designs have been made up and our awesome devs are currently implementing 

Custom AR demo designs: As we reach out to more and more retailers we are starting to showcase more of a branding initiative in the AR. We still will be doing the cute funny characters as a great way to engage with the players. 

We have been uploading the latest versions to IOS with a few glitches however plenty of new characters and fun things to find within the application. We identified a bug with the IOS direction counter and have finally fixed the challenge. 

Retailers: A great response with our sales campaigns with many brands and retailers approving our strategy for moving forward. We continue to work with larger brands on custom campaigns which will work hand in hand with our SME market. 

Download and Betas

Our next phase will be to be rolling out to the 2022 beta sign ups. We realize there is a fairly large queue and backlog which is exciting for a larger launch that will be phase 1 just before the play and ios store. We would love more sign ups pretty please

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