What to look for when buying saddles online?

Horse lovers around the world never stop collecting saddles and when they fall in love with one saddle usually that saddle is kept forever. Introducing eSaddles an innovative retailer that sells saddles online. Its a great place to start when comparing saddles to buy on the internet.  We run an augmented reality treasure hunt and have listed some of their flash sales on our discount corner section of our AR application. 

1. Well known brand names
2. Where are they made
3. Positive Reviews
4. Materials used
5. Gaurantees and warrantees

iHunt4 is a retail integration platform that connects merchants with some of the top online and bricks and mortar stores. We combine new age technology such as Augmented reality to create retail campaigns. This merchant sells saddles online and we have a promotional link or flash sale contained in the content both online and within our application. We appreciate your help to support our innovative retailers.