Avenue Perk Coffee

Known for the best coffee in Pennant Hills, Avenue Perk is an industry leader for its innovative treasure hunt marketing techniques. 

Introducing  “The Avenue Perk” treasure hunt! 


Why have a treasure hunt?

A new and inventive way to gain new customer attention

How does it work?

Crypto and coffee rewards are distributed in and around the Avenue Perks Coffee shop. Users discover via the IHUNT app.

How much?

Zero - Downloading, distributing prizes is completely free for both players and Avenue Perk.


Gain new business, View a list of your customers online, message your customers

The Avenue Perk Treasure Hunt

Free to play
Great promotional rewards

Innovative Cafe in Pennant Hills 

How Avenue Perk in Pennant Hills uses innovation to drive business; Who would have thought that in the leafy suburban suburb of Pennant hills cryptocurrency would be hidden in plain sight as part of a global treasure hunt? 

Not only does “Avenue Perk” make exceptional coffee and have terrific service, it has spread hundreds of crypto tokens in and around the store as an innovative way to drive foot traffic to its location. The cryptocurrency can be found by visiting the cafe and searching around the location. The cryptocurrency treasure hunt is a virtual reality search game where players are rewarded by going to locations. 

What makes this even better for Avenue Perk is that there is no cost to setting up the treasure hunt. Any business can get started where treasures can be entered into the game by the website or even using the APP.

Small, medium and large businesses can use the APP or the dashboard to select the prize and location and enter it dynamically into the virtual reality game. The intent of the game is to drive new customers into stores in a fun and exciting way. iHunt4 makes the game and the placement of treasures free. Businesses like the corner cafe can use the treasure hunt APP to reward customers with the promotions of their choice. 

“iHunt4 is all about supporting local businesses and does not charge for businesses to utilise its advanced marketing platform. Covid has hurt many cafes and local businesses and we have been looking for ways to help accelerate and support their continued growth” mentioned Simon Church founder of iHunt4. 

So next time you are in dire need of a great coffee and some treasure hunting fun visit The Avenue Perk Pennant Hills 72 Yarrara Rd, Pennant Hills NSW 2120. Download the treasure hunt APP and get ready to play the family friendly game.

Download IHUNT4 and start placing promotions

Free to play & Free to place prizes
Reward customers with prizes at your location
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