Augmented Reality Helicopter Game. CAUTION: The Helicopter is noisy with the rotor blades so please watch your volume.

Lots of great updates for the IGC (In Game Credit) XRPL token this week. The above AR Helicopter game is a bonus feature or round in the iHunt4 treasure hunt game it will also be a stand along game in our mission to be a universal gaming token. 

XRPL Grant has been applied for.

Our proposal is focused around opensource capabilities for NFTs into our gaming network. We believe this is a strong use case for the XRPL and our product suite.  For fun we completed a few unedited videos displayed below to showcase how advanced our platform is and how we can execute our proposed solutions. 

IGC team have created a marketing, gaming and loyalty platform that is powered by the XRPL. Our suite of games focuses on connecting players and business through traditional games augmented reality digital games including:

Augmented reality treasure hunts
Hide and Seek Augmented Reality Selfie Game
Real-estate (Collection & Portfolio Game)

Our focus is on our players however also to everyday retailers who use our platform and XRPL to attract new business branding, advertising and loyalty. We have thousands of registered players and are active in XRPL community.  

A raw video demonstration showing our augmented reality XRPL treasure hunt capabilities.

In this demonstration we are showing our ability to integrate components into our games and marketing platform through our selfie hide and go seek game. 

IGC is a Universal Gaming Token on XRPL

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