15 treasure hunt ideas

Treasure hunts have been exciting ever since the pirates decided to stash their treasures on deserted islands. Things have changed slightly over time however the concept of hiding real rewards is still captivating for hunters from young to old. At iHunt we make it free to create an awesome treasure hunt for your friends and family through our easy to use APP. We just did some brainstorming and came up with ways to make your treasure hunt exciting:

Here are some treasure hunt ideas:

  1. Use iHUNT to hide treasures at your friends place when they are not looking 
  2. Use ihunt4 to place real treasures, comments or remarks wherever you like
  3. Run a free iHunt birthday hunt and challenge your friends at your party
  4. Hide the rewards at school and challenge your friends to find them
  5. Hide some cryptocurrency to impress your friends and relatives
  6. Create your own character and enter it into the game
  7. Place the treasures inside the mall or at the shops 
  8. Place treasures in tourism locations or hotspots 
  9. Invite your friend via social media to the iHUNT
  10. Share your clues to where you have hidden the treasures
  11. Make cryptic clues to annoy your friends
  12. Run a corporate or team building event
  13. Enter silly photos to make your friends laugh
  14. Enter into iHunt awesome real prizes
  15. Challenge your family and your friends to a points hunt

Treasure hunting was meant to be fun, so we have put together an amazing platform for our players to enjoy searching around their local environment for treasures and rewards. If you are looking for a fun game to play then look no further than iHunt where you can place treasures at your desired location and let your friends hunt for them. 

How do you win the treasure hunt APP rewards? It is really easy to win with iHunt4 as businesses large and small enter rewards into the game as rewards for customers visiting their location.The prizes are distributed directly from the business to the player. To make things fun iHunt have our own cryptocurrency that can be won by players. The cryptocurrency is called IHUNT and is built on the Binance smart chain blockchain. We encourage our players to find out more with our cryptocurrency whitepaper that is available on our website. 

What other prizes can be entered into the treasure hunt? Some of our businesses load discounts on meals, or promotions such as buy one get one free. Other businesses supply real products to be won. The iHunt4 platform then sends a list of winning players to the business for distribution. Prizes can be searched and won worldwide with both businesses and players putting treasures into the platform. Download the treasure hunt APP

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