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Retailers place real promotions and incentives at your location to drive new customers. We are a gaming marketing platform where retailers can dynamically enter augmented reality rewards into our viral platform for brand awareness and attract new customers. 

iHunt4 is great for retail, sensational for players. 

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Augmented reality platform for retailers, malls, government, tourism & hospitality

iHunt4 is a real prize, promotion and cryptocurrency treasure hunt game. iHunt4 is also a cutting edge technology platform that businesses can use to help drive new customers. The treasure hunt involves real prizes of your own and cryptocurrency. Prizes can be placed globally and entered into the game. Businesses and players can both place prizes into the project for free.  Plus an NFT treasure hunt.  IGC (In Game Credit) is building into its enterprise dashboard NFT functionality based on the new XLS 20 D standards for the XRP Ledger.

Sign up, place promotions, print your QR code for your players. You have a treasure hunt! Place whatever promotions you wish.

Treasure hunt game at home play indoors or outdoors search and find the treasures and rewards at home, at work or even at school. Rewards and treasures can be placed anywhere for you or your friends to find them. iHunt4 is a dynamic augmented reality game that can be played with your phone at any location. See our showcase and case studies. Test it out by downloading the free app today. 

iHunt4 is not just a cryptocurrency treasure hunt it also rewards players with real promotions from businesses. The business treasure hunt is perfect for cafes, tourism locations, sporting groups and associations, charities to participate in the global treasure hunt fun. It is free to allocate prizes all over the world to amaze your members and customers. 

About the IHUNT cryptocurrency project: IHUNT is the native cryptocurrency token for our project. The token is a utility that is given as a reward during the treasure hunt project. Tokens can be utilized within the in game marketplace and traded online via decentralized exchanges. The token has been built on the XRPL blockchain. For more information please view our comprehensive IHUNT whitepaper

Reward players

Drive new customers to your location by running a treasure hunt

Innovative marketing

A fun way to attract new business

Make it fun

Create brand awareness with billboards and messaging within the treasure hunt

Treasure hunt software

We provide software to run your treasure hunt + Whitelabel

Provide real incentives

Provide real prizes, discounts and deals to new customers

Reach new players

Put your prizes anywhere and reach a new audience


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